Are You Getting The Most Out Of Going To The Gym?

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Going to the gym every week with absolutely no idea about what you are going to do is a big waste of time. You’re more likely to have a less productive workout. Think about the workout plan before you get there. The best-case scenario is having a long-term workout schedule already planned that will best serve your level of fitness.

One way to prevent not having a plan is to hire a Personal Trainer. You will never have to waste time thinking about your workout or worry about wasting time doing the wrong kind of exercises. The job of a Personal Trainer is to guide you through a progressive workout programme that strengthens your weaknesses and leads you to your fitness goals.

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Using A Personal Trainer: An Introduction

personal trainer
What is a Personal Trainer?

An individual who has been specifically certified and is qualified to be a coach to other people who desire to achieve a higher level of fitness. A Personal Trainer is very knowledgeable about how to work with different people who have different levels of fitness.

A Personal Trainer will play a critical role in helping a person to achieve the optimal level of fitness that is possible for their circumstances, and that is appropriate for their individual body type.

Pro Active is pleased to offer a special introduction package to Personal Training that includes three 1-to-1 exercise sessions and comprehensive eating guidelines. This package is ideal for anyone who has never used a Personal Trainer before and wants to try before making a longer-term commitment. The 60-minute sessions focus on teaching correct stretching and exercise techniques that are suitable for the individual. You will be shown how to put them together to create a safe and highly effective exercise programme.

Contact Anthony for more details.

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What’s Holding You Back From Beginning To Exercise?

What’s holding you back from beginning to exercise? Is it fear, pain, history of boredom, not knowing what to do, thinking you have no time, or simply hating it?

Make the time. It might seem like you don’t have enough time in your day for exercise, but you probably do – time can’t be managed but activities can.

Set an appointment. Pick out the times when you want to exercise, and schedule ahead. Keep your appointment with yourself or book an appointment with a personal trainer.

Learn new exercises. Keep your routine fresh by frequently introducing yourself to new exercises. Choose exercises you enjoy and create some fun with them by challenging yourself.

Routine is the key. After about 2 weeks of a routine, you will find it a lot less of a chore.

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Have You Ever Quit Going To The Gym?

Personal Trainer
In the beginning there’s nothing but good intentions when joining a gym or starting a new exercise regime.

So why do so many people stop so close to the beginning? Here are a couple of thoughts…

The general approach will never outsmart an individual approach!
Going from doing absolutely nothing to doing any kind of regular exercise will initially create some sort of positive response but it will always be limited at best. For long-term results you need a tailored approach instead of trying to copy what someone else is doing.

There are potentially billions of different exercise programmes because we are all individually unique and require different kinds of exercise. An exercise programme should be designed for YOU to get you from A to B in the quickest and safest way possible that suits your level of fitness and lifestyle. Workouts in magazines and generic programme cards in gyms are unrealistic for most people and should be avoided at all cost because there is no such thing as a one size fits all.

Staying motivated is connected to following the right kind of exercise programme that suits your goal and will yield the best return. When we see results it spurs us on and keeps us interested.

Some people make the mistake of doing more when they don’t see the results they want instead of making the most of the time they already spend. It’s important to focus on intensity and progression. Being dogmatic about completing a particular number of workouts each week for the sake of being loyal towards a given programme won’t benefit you if the programme isn’t right for YOU.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. There’s a saying that you should never throw good money after bad. The same applies with YOUR TIME when it comes to exercising. Don’t waste your time doing something that doesn’t work or sooner or later you will burn out and it will kill your motivation and you will want to quit altogether.

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Do You Change Your Exercise Programme Every 3 Weeks?

Have you been doing the same exercise programme for as long as you can remember? The majority of people stick to the same programme that they are familiar with because they are in their comfort zone. One of the biggest ways to overcome training stagnation is to break that barrier and step out of the comfort zone.

There are multiple ways to keep exercise invigorating both for the mind and body. You need to challenge the body and keep it guessing otherwise it will become more and more efficient at doing what you are doing. That might sound silly but in order to progress you need to step out of your comfort zone by applying progressive principles. Otherwise you are simply training for maintenance at best.

Depending on the level of training experience I would normally recommend changing exercise programmes every 3 weeks. Within a 3-week cycle I like to rotate different variables to stimulate additional response from the programme.

Train with me once every 3-4 weeks to find out how it could benefit you.
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Free Consultation

personal trainer
All new clients begin with a free initial consultation. This gives you the opportunity to meet with me to discuss your goals, lifestyle and schedule in more detail.

During the consultation, we discuss:

▪ Your fitness goals and past exercise history
▪ My training style and structure and which would be best for you
▪ How I can help you get results with your diet
▪ Prices and package options
▪ Any questions and concerns you may have

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The Kind Of Workouts You Can Expect At Pro Active

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Workouts are planned to allow you to burn a ton of calories in as little time as possible. The main part of each workout lasts 30 minutes or less, the rest of the workout time is used for isolation exercises that help correct posture, improve aesthetics and strengthen the core. Exercises are selected to help change your physique and improve your fitness. Each exercise is selected specific to the individual’s experience and has the potential to be progressive so you can gradually improve safely, safe from fracture and injury.

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