Balance – Balance – Balance!

The Internet, TV and magazines are rife with ways to lose weight and get fit. Then the question has to be asked: Why is the UK becoming one of the most obese countries in the world?

We live in a very fast living world where we are conditioned to believe more is better and practicing extreme measures is the only way to get results. This kind of living will eventually catch up with you and pay you back with fatigue and the breakdown of your immune system.

The widespread media fails to recognise that exercise is a stress and adequate rest and recovery is needed in order to bounce back and progress.

Are you obsessed with exercising all the time? If you keep upping the ante until you can’t do more and fail to get proper recovery your immune system will take a battering and stay compromised opening the door to all kinds of problems. When we rest properly our growth and digestion is optimal.

Your body never lies, start paying attention to what it says and adjust your exercise intensity and volume accordingly. Train – don’t drain! Don’t feel guilty relaxing and taking a day off from everything. If you aren’t making steady progress in the gym you are probably not practicing a balanced lifestyle.

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If We Were All The Same, It Would Be Boring

private personal training
Many people feel uncomfortable exercising in commercial gyms in front of other gym members. At Pro Active Studio it’s just you and a professional personal trainer, taking you through a personalised training programme in a fully equipped private studio.

Unlike other personal training facilities Pro Active Studio in Barnsley is exclusively for one-on-one personal training. You will never share the gym during your workout with other personal trainers and their clients.

This level of privacy makes Pro Active a distraction free zone and an ideal environment for learning and excelling without the common pitfalls that can occur when sharing gym equipment and getting distracted by others.

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How To Use Positive Thinking For The Gym

#1 Set Goals
Setting goals allows you to see changes and progress with your exercise routine. Make some short, medium and long-term targets.

#2 Rotate Your Workouts
Rather than do the same workouts every month, cycle different types of workouts. For example, change rest times, reps, exercises, and workout structures and include some challenges to keep you from becoming bored with exercise.

#3 Make Exercise Part of Your Life
Don’t give yourself time to think about exercise, over-thinking saps motivation. If you scheduled exercise for 5.30pm and find yourself thinking about it during the day, make yourself think about something else. When 5.30pm comes, just do it.

#4 Keep Workout Time Short
A long workout can be a daunting prospect and thoughts like “I’ve only been going 10 minutes – that’s one tenth of my session” can work against you. Opt for higher intensity and shorter workouts for best results and for maintaining maximum focus.

#5 Develop A Healthy Habit
The classic exercise regime dropout is after a week or so. Work hard at getting through 10 sessions and you will start to build neurological pathways that exercise feels normal.

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Looking For A Personal Trainer in Barnsley?

personal trainer
I currently have limited availability for Personal Training. I work solely from my Pro Active private gym in Barnsley.

I don’t like turning people away and genuinely like to help as many people as I can. I always try and find a way to accommodate people the best I can. If you are serious about embarking on a new journey into health and fitness please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A personal trainer will:

• Optimise your training time
• Provide accountability
• Progress you safely through exercises
• Understand manipulation of exercise variables like reps, sets, rest intervals and tempo
• Inspire you to achieve things you never thought possible

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What’s The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat?

get a six pack
For years people believed wrongly that cardio training was the only way to shift body fat. In fact, the best way to burn fat is by doing weight training and high intensity cardio. Note, that a cardio effect can be achieved using weights if you train a certain way. High intensity training increases your heart rate and your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories), so your fat stores have to be used as fuel. Weight training with short rest periods and the right kind of resistance for your level of experience has a greater impact on metabolism than any type of cardio, such as running and rowing.

You also need to follow a whole food high-protein diet and control the type of carbohydrates that enter your body because that could prevent you from burning fat and increase fat stores.

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Find The Right Plan – Don’t Fall For The Hype

personal trainer
The key to success with exercise is avoiding stagnation. Repeating the same routines with no clear objective is a guaranteed way to never reach your goal. They say variety is the spice of life and training should be no exception.

If you have fallen into the dilemma of repeating the same mundane workouts with nothing to show for it then take caution when searching for information. There is so much conflicting information on the Internet, it’s a fickle friend, you will end up more confused than before you started. Your search will undoubtedly bring up some paid add on Google proclaiming the most innovative training system ever developed, which unleashes an arsenal of off the wall exercises and self-proclaimed wonder supplements. The more hype something has attached to it the more chance its going to be useless and a waste of money.

The key is to have a plan and knuckle down with some good old-fashioned hard work. Nothing beats effort and commitment with the right plan of action.

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Coconut Oil & Improvement in Athletic Performance

personal trainer
What is coconut oil and how can benefit your health?

Coconut oil is a saturated fat made up of about 40% long-chain triglycerides and 60% medium chain triglycerides. The medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil account for most of the observed health benefits. These benefits include: improvements in fasting blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity; reduction of abdominal obesity; improvements in cognitive function, and improvements in skin and hair conditions. More recently, supplementing with MCTs (coconut oil) has been shown to enhance athletic performance in recreational athletes.

In this video, Dr. Michael Lara reviews a study that examined the effects of 2-weeks of supplementation with 6 grams of MCTs (about one tablespoon) on exercise performance and shares his recommendations about where to find high-quality coconut oil, and how to include it in your diet.

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