What’s The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat?

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For years people believed wrongly that cardio training was the only way to shift body fat. In fact, the best way to burn fat is by doing weight training and high intensity cardio. Note, that a cardio effect can be achieved using weights if you train a certain way. High intensity training increases your heart rate and your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories), so your fat stores have to be used as fuel. Weight training with short rest periods and the right kind of resistance for your level of experience has a greater impact on metabolism than any type of cardio, such as running and rowing.

You also need to follow a whole food high-protein diet and control the type of carbohydrates that enter your body because that could prevent you from burning fat and increase fat stores.

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Find The Right Plan – Don’t Fall For The Hype

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The key to success with exercise is avoiding stagnation. Repeating the same routines with no clear objective is a guaranteed way to never reach your goal. They say variety is the spice of life and training should be no exception.

If you have fallen into the dilemma of repeating the same mundane workouts with nothing to show for it then take caution when searching for information. There is so much conflicting information on the Internet, it’s a fickle friend, you will end up more confused than before you started. Your search will undoubtedly bring up some paid add on Google proclaiming the most innovative training system ever developed, which unleashes an arsenal of off the wall exercises and self-proclaimed wonder supplements. The more hype something has attached to it the more chance its going to be useless and a waste of money.

The key is to have a plan and knuckle down with some good old-fashioned hard work. Nothing beats effort and commitment with the right plan of action.

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Coconut Oil & Improvement in Athletic Performance

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What is coconut oil and how can benefit your health?

Coconut oil is a saturated fat made up of about 40% long-chain triglycerides and 60% medium chain triglycerides. The medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil account for most of the observed health benefits. These benefits include: improvements in fasting blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity; reduction of abdominal obesity; improvements in cognitive function, and improvements in skin and hair conditions. More recently, supplementing with MCTs (coconut oil) has been shown to enhance athletic performance in recreational athletes.

In this video, Dr. Michael Lara reviews a study that examined the effects of 2-weeks of supplementation with 6 grams of MCTs (about one tablespoon) on exercise performance and shares his recommendations about where to find high-quality coconut oil, and how to include it in your diet.

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Finding Balance

Diet plans and exercise routines don’t always go to plan. We all experience hectic schedules from time to time. The best thing you can do is to be organised with your diet. Food shopping should be a priority in your life so you always have enough healthy food to see you through the busiest periods. This should be the foundation for everyone’s health and wellbeing.

If your lifestyle is upside-down the last thing you want to be thinking about is exercising especially at the end of a stressful day. It would be counterproductive and eventually grind you down.

Strive for balance throughout your week. If you are too busy to exercise don’t!! Instead use the end of the day to meditate and to relax and help bring your body back into balance. Only train when you have enough time and when you feel like your body is strong enough to handle a challenging workout. Let food be your medicine. Try and avoid dogmatic exercise routines you can find in magazines and online that are designed to sell something rather than consider the needs of the individual.

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Where Do You Want To Go?

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Do you have an exercise and diet plan? If so, where are you now? Is it working?

If you don’t plan you will be guaranteed not to get there. It will be another failed attempt.

If you’re a serial dieter what’s worked for you before and what worked not so well? Take the best bits and avoid the worse bits.

The key is to avoid and remove anything that makes you feel unhappy in the pursuit of your goal.

To get the most out of an exercise programme you NEED to ensure you are exercising correctly. Nowadays a lot of people get their exercise programmes out of magazines or off the Internet. Unbeknown to them many are performing the exercises ineffectively and sometimes dangerously. When I get new clients that fall into this category they are surprised to learn that it’s not how much you do that matters but how you do it.

If you’re a gym goer who has exercised for a long time without achieving results then maybe an introduction to Personal Training is what you need.

I offer three 1-on-1 exercise sessions and eating guidelines as part of a package. The exercise sessions focus on exercises that will serve your goal rather than a generic approach. This involves teaching the correct exercise technique to guarantee that you get the most out of your exercises.

Contact me for more details about the introduction to Personal Training Package.

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How’s That New Year’s Resolution Going?

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February 7th is the dreaded Fitness Cliff. At least according to Gold’s Gym: They mined through three years of gym member check-ins at locations across America, and found that 38 days after the ball drops is when people start to give up on their New Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions are tough to keep. Habits are hard to break, whether you’re trying to cut sugar out of your diet or do some regular exercise every week.

Make exercise work for you. Don’t waste your time doing long duration workouts that aren’t necessary. If you find yourself spending over an hour in the gym so you feel like you’re getting somewhere chances are you aren’t training at an optimal level. By dropping the traditional cardio workouts and opting for high intensity workouts using weights you’ll be amazed how quick it can take to reduce body fat. Always practice strict form with at least 40 seconds of time under tension for each exercise. Experiment with different rest intervals. Make sure intensity stays within an ideal threshold by keeping workout time short.

It’s all about finding a solution. Where diet and exercise are concerned, don’t just assume that you’ll fall into new patterns without encountering roadblocks. Experiment and test different exercise programmes, adjust and modify meals if your body gives you the wrong feedback. If you keep fine-tuning your diet and exercise you will achieve your resolution and not be in the same position this time next year.

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Don’t Overwhelm Yourself!

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Have you started a health kick this year? Is it going well or are you beginning to lose enthusiasm?

The whole experience of joining a gym overwhelms many people. The general population largely misunderstands the whole concept of effective exercise and nutrition. Following ineffective exercise programmes and fad diets will set you up for frustration and failure.

Make sure you don’t get caught up in doing too much exercise or eating too little. Focus on the things you want most out of your health kick and base your efforts on progression. Change is the most important aspect of getting the results you want. It’s no use continuing doing the same thing over and over and expect to get a different outcome.

Use a Personal Trainer to help you focus on 1-2 of the most important things you want to change. Let them inspire you and follow a plan that is relevant for YOU. Don’t become statistics for next months drop offs – FOCUS and make sure you have all your bases covered!

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