3 SNACKS for a Flat Belly

I’d like to share with you Dr. Johnny Bowden’s super-easy to make snacks. They have the OPTIMAL combination of fiber, fat, and protein that keeps your fat STORAGE hormone insulin under control while optimizing your fat BURNING hormones at the same time.

1. First up is a FANTASTIC snack called “with a smear”. Take some hearts of celery and fill in the groove with organic almond or peanut butter. This snack travels well in Tupperware and makes a TERRIFIC pre-workout snack. The overall calories are low and this REALLY fills you up WITHOUT slowing you down. GREAT for “slow-release” energy.

2. Next up is “The Double A”, which stands for apples and almonds. The apple is the PERFECT food for a snack, especially if coupled with some fat and or protein. Try combining it with about a dozen almonds. The fat and protein slow the entrance of the sugar into the bloodstream for sustained energy, and keeps hunger away.

3. Ok, the last one is – whey protein (but it needs to be used before exercise).

According to one French study, consuming whey before exercise supports fat burning and may help with gaining or maintaining lean body mass. I suggest a protein shake made with either water alone or with frozen berries. The berries add fiber, nutrients, some extra healthy carbohydrates, and make for a more delicious drink.


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