Don’t Treat Exercise As A Means To An End


exercise smarterAre you following an exercise plan until you reach your goal weight and then plan to stop and return to what you were doing before?

Temporary changes = temporary results… sound familiar?

Doing a particular kind of exercise because you think you should but hate it will result in failure!

Initially, building a habit is more important than what type of exercise you do. Whatever gets you moving, you don’t have to do an exercise you hate!

Obviously certain types of exercise and workout structure are more beneficial than others. This can be different for each individual depending on his or her strength and fitness and what they want to achieve.

Defining to yourself what your goal is and what it means to you will help you establish a set of core values and help you make better decisions.

For help with motivation get excited about improvement. Get professional advice about which is the most beneficial exercise for you and look for variety until you find what you like doing.


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