Train With Me Once A Month

One of the most asked questions I get asked is how frequently does someone have to have personal training appointments with me. Obviously the more contact with me the faster the results but since 2003 I have always had monthly clients.

The benefits
Most of my monthly clients are members of other gyms. They see me for a programme review and fresh routines to keep them moving forwards. The added benefit to this is you are less likely to quit going to the gym because it prevents you from doing the same boring routine for months on end.

Monthly appointments are a very cost effective way of using a personal trainer. It keeps your motivation high and gives you support towards your goal.

One hour a month is all it takes to review progress and check to see if you are doing exercise technique correctly. This alone can save you from wasting your time and prevent potential injuries from happening.

In monthly appointments I also advise on eating habits and offer solutions if needed.

Some of the exercise programmes I design for my monthly appointments are tailored around exercising at home. You don’t need a gym to do challenging and effective workouts.

To arrange a monthly workout for a new programme and review click here to contact me.

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