If it Works For You – Great! If it doesn’t – Don’t Kid Yourself! 

The Internet is a packed place full of promised dieting and fitness solutions that can be very influential in your decision-making when choosing advice. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a health and fitness enthusiast you can’t ignore the ease of acquiring information via the net.

It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon especially when charismatic and popular people are doing the endorsing. Becoming engrossed by a promised outcome will never make an ineffective plan any more effective no matter how long you stay on it. On the other hand a successful plan will only work for so long before you start seeing results slow down or even reverse.

A paradigm shift is essential towards honesty and listening to how your own body responds. The solution is to modify your diet and exercise routine before results come to a complete standstill and to choose exercises that doesn’t exceed your level of ability or fitness.

If you choose to treat all food the same and use it as fuel by identifying it as merely numbers whilst complementing it with exercise with duration as a barometer of effectiveness then you will become frustrated and disappointed.

The choices you make say a lot about you and your core values. The lists of excuses people come up with are often equal to the lack of value or priority they put on themselves.

If something works for you stick with it as long as you get positive results. If it doesn’t work be honest and change, don’t waste your time regardless how popular it is unless you want to stay where you are!

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Do You Know Anyone Who Might Benefit From This?


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Don’t Treat Exercise As A Means To An End


exercise smarterAre you following an exercise plan until you reach your goal weight and then plan to stop and return to what you were doing before?

Temporary changes = temporary results… sound familiar?

Doing a particular kind of exercise because you think you should but hate it will result in failure!

Initially, building a habit is more important than what type of exercise you do. Whatever gets you moving, you don’t have to do an exercise you hate!

Obviously certain types of exercise and workout structure are more beneficial than others. This can be different for each individual depending on his or her strength and fitness and what they want to achieve.

Defining to yourself what your goal is and what it means to you will help you establish a set of core values and help you make better decisions.

For help with motivation get excited about improvement. Get professional advice about which is the most beneficial exercise for you and look for variety until you find what you like doing.

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Is Your Diet Working For You?


Long-term Problems

Unable to lose weight.
Weight fluctuates.
Regularly get sweet cravings.
Often feel hungry and need frequent meals.
Sometimes suffer from a bloated stomach and gas after meals.
Often feel tired after meals.
Body fat levels aren’t dropping.
Energy levels don’t feel high enough.

How would you like to be shown how to identify your individual diet and modify eating habits to suit your specific needs? The guidelines I recommend are easy to implement and manageable for quick yet lasting results.

I can help you build a profile of your eating habits in a fast and effective way so that you are more likely to stick to your plan.

The purpose behind the system I use is to teach you how to find the correct balance of quantity and frequency of foods that work best for your body.

My book is available for download on Amazon and is a great place to start.  But if you are looking for something more personalized and think you’d benefit from regular ono-on-one coaching then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Responsible Minimalism

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I’m a big fan of minimalism. I often think less is more, especially in our day and age where it is often hard to separate the most important thing from the limitless illusion of seemingly important things.

But minimalism can do more harm than good, as with most things in life. Minimalism is great but I know it loses its effectiveness when it leads to complacency. Minimalism fails when it becomes an excuse for laziness. The very power of minimalism comes from the fact that it frees us up from the things that are less important so that we can spend more time working on the things that matter. Minimalism is no easy feat.

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Is Your Diet & Exercise Routine A Fashion Statement?

diet and exercise that works

Are you the type of person that’s on a type of diet because it’s what everyone else is doing right now? Does your exercise consist of doing what’s considered the most popular and talked about?

Is your diet and exercise routine perfect?

Is your diet and exercise routine for everyone?

Following what everyone else is doing is like saying it’s going to make you that type of person. It’s no different from saying, “I’m the type of person that wears this type of clothing because it makes me that type of person.”

But what this shows us is that we make enthusiastic choices based on what it says about who we think we are.

Why is this important?  It’s important because it can tell us if these diets and exercise routines work for us. There’s a massive opportunity available if we choose to pay attention to ourselves rather than focusing externally. We can gain valuable insight into what works best for our body simply by observing the responses we get and being honest about it.

A diet that says you are healthy and an exercise programme that works for everybody else should never retain significance if it isn’t working for you!

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How To Take Your Training To The Next Level

PT GYMThere are some really important ways to improve the way you invest your time with exercise. The first is the way that you do it. Different types of workouts can produce different kinds of results so it is essential to be clear on what you want to achieve and learn which workouts will give you the best return.

Some exercises don’t suit everybody. It’s common for some people to skip to advanced exercises before mastering the basics. You can end up with injuries if you do. It takes time for the body to build strength and stability and to be able to cope with demanding and technical movements. There are no short cuts. Exercise technique is paramount and so is the tempo of each repetition and equally as important is the overall volume if you want the best results. Not forgetting about the frequency of workouts and choosing the right timeframe to cycle reps, tempo, exercises and volume.

This is a snippet of what you need to practice if you want the best from your training. If you’ve been doing the same kinds of workouts for a long period of time chances are results have stopped and its time to implement the above.

I design goal-orientated workouts for different levels of experience. I can take you through the workouts in my fully equipped private gym where there are no distractions or hold ups from other gym users. It’s a great advantage being able to train without sharing equipment with other members or having your workout interrupted in any way, the intensity is magnified and the results are quicker. The frequency of using my services are flexible and if you want to know more please get in touch using the contact page on my website at www.proactivestudio.co.uk


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Training Packages

Want to change the way you look and feel? Personally designed training packages to meet your individual needs are available with a Personal Trainer in a private fully equipped gym in Barnsley. Different kinds of workouts and training frequencies are available. Packages are priced subject to the number of training sessions. Diet guidelines and support is included with all packages.

Limited availability, contact Anthony by email info@proactivestudio.co.uk or phone 01226 293949


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Do You Have A Health & Fitness Goal?

personal trainer

Goals set and regularly assessed are goals that are achieved. To achieve important goals TO YOU requires a level of planning. To do this well, goal setting and planning is broken down into stages – long-term goals and short-term goals. This can be broken down further into process goals and right down into planning your week – training, nutrition and lifestyle stressors. These all have an impact on achieving your goals.

It’s all about finding what works best for your lifestyle right here right now and not about solely focusing on the end result. You won’t get there if the process is skipped or you don’t focus on each day and each week.

I create practical recommendations to help people achieve their goals. This can be achieved by seeing me frequently or infrequently. I have different plans for different levels of commitment. Get in touch today to find out more.

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What Difference Do You Want To Make?

gym barnsley
Are you confused about what kinds of workouts are best for your goal?

Do you need direction and motivation?

Would you benefit from experienced exercise instruction?

Are you looking for help about what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat so you can reach the health and body shape you want?

There are different training packages available at Pro Active and the duration and frequency can be tailored around you. All sessions are one-on-one with a personal trainer in a private gym. Privacy is what makes Pro Active unique and unparalleled against commercial settings.

Pro Active doesn’t support the latest training or diet fad to accomplish a goal. Since 2002 results have been driven by effective and sustainable methods.

What’s your reason for getting in touch, what difference do you want to make?

To book a place email info@proactivestudio.co.uk or call 01226 293949 and leave a message.

Move, Eat & Think in a different style!

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