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Do You Know Anyone Who Might Benefit From This?

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Buy Personal Training Gift Vouchers

Personal Training Gift Vouchers make the perfect gift for a friend or family member. Ideal for a new starter to health and fitness, or perhaps you know someone who is an avid gym goer but could do with some advice … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Quit Going To The Gym?

In the beginning there’s nothing but good intentions when joining a gym or starting a new exercise regime. So why do so many people stop so close to the beginning? Here are a couple of thoughts… The general approach will … Continue reading

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How To Get A New Exercise Routine Every Month

Monthly or fortnightly appointments are a very cost-effective way of using a personal trainer. It keeps your motivation high and gives you support towards your goal. Occasional Appointments Are Better Than None At All One or two hours a month … Continue reading

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What’s Your Reason?

Over the years I’ve listened to many reasons why people want to change their body shapes and watched some of the same people make excuses why they can’t fulfill their goal. What makes people’s intentions decline over a short period … Continue reading

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5 Good Reasons To Have A Personal Trainer

Mix it up and try different exercises and types of workouts. Trainers use a variety of effective workouts based upon your specific goals. Learn how to look after yourself. Instead of only showing you how to perform exercises correctly, a … Continue reading

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Exercise Motivation – Be Realistic

One of the biggest reasons for failure is that an exerciser often sets unrealistic goals. Whatever your goal may be setting a timescale is critical to getting motivated. Be prepared to do everything that is required to achieve your goal. … Continue reading

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