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Have You Ever Quit Going To The Gym?

In the beginning there’s nothing but good intentions when joining a gym or starting a new exercise regime. So why do so many people stop so close to the beginning? Here are a couple of thoughts… The general approach will … Continue reading

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How To Get Results

Fitness and dieting results won’t happen without taking action and applying the correct principles. Throwing money at gym memberships and supplements won’t secure anything if you aren’t prepared to apply the right level of effort into reaching your goal. You … Continue reading

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New Year’s Health and Fitness Resolutions

At this time of year it is common for people to make unrealistic diet and fitness resolutions. There is no such thing as overnight success with a diet or fitness regime. It takes time and commitment. The best way to … Continue reading

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Don’t Make Excuses!

When you set out on a plan to lose weight, reduce fat, tone up and get fitter your actions and habits need to be congruent with your goal. If you make excuses for not reaching your health and fitness targets … Continue reading

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How To Get The Most Out Of Personal Training

You will achieve your goals faster and get much more from the experience if you know what you want to accomplish. Commitment Personal training only works when commitments are kept. Remember, they’re commitments to yourself more than your personal trainer. … Continue reading

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If You Fail To Plan You Plan To Fail

Are you finding it difficult to get your new diet & exercise regime off the ground? What follows is a different approach that will guarantee to motivate you. Write down what you want to look like. Describe your goals and … Continue reading

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Think Big – Not Small

All different kinds of success and achievements are born out of a goal. Everybody needs a plan and needs to follow directions in order to get what they want. Avoid playing Russian roulette with your time and energy. Success stories … Continue reading

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