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Don’t Make Excuses!

When you set out on a plan to lose weight, reduce fat, tone up and get fitter your actions and habits need to be congruent with your goal. If you make excuses for not reaching your health and fitness targets … Continue reading

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New Book Coming Soon

My brand new diet guide should be available on the Kindle Store this time next week. Who is this Book for and How Can it Help? This book is for anyone who wants to achieve the greatest impact with their … Continue reading

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How To Make Diets Work

Dieters always want the best results possible. They typically know which foods harm their progress and which foods help their goals. With this in mind you would think that every dieter would achieve their goal and the success rate would … Continue reading

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Is Your Lunch Making You Fat?

Turkey Sandwich, Special K Food Bar and Diet Coke – Does your lunch look like this? What’s wrong with this? Most bread is highly processed and high glycaemic. Unless you’re buying wheat free or flourless sprouted grain bread, bread is … Continue reading


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Obstacles are just things you see when you lose sight of your goals.

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Too Much, Too Soon

Dieters often make the mistake of being too strict too soon. If you are making progress with weight loss and fat loss don’t eliminate anything you don’t need to. It isn’t necessary to fix something that isn’t broken. If you … Continue reading

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How To Stay Full For Longer

Two nutrients you need to become familiar with are carbohydrates and proteins. These are important because you need to combine these two nutrients every time you eat something. The benefit of doing this is to control insulin levels and to … Continue reading

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