Is Your Lunch Making You Fat?

Turkey Sandwich, Special K Food Bar and Diet Coke – Does your lunch look like this?

What’s wrong with this?
Most bread is highly processed and high glycaemic. Unless you’re buying wheat free or flourless sprouted grain bread, bread is generally a no-no. Wheat should be used sparingly in any weight loss programme, and if you read food labels you may be surprised at how much wheat is used in the food chain. It is common for dieters to have wheat in just about every meal and that will definitely affect the speed of progress.

Many so-called health bars are highly processed and contain trans fat, sugar and little nutrients. They are no better than sweets.

Diet fizzy drinks are full of artificial sweeteners and play havoc with hormones when it comes to trying to lose weight. Despite being low in calories don’t be fooled by the word diet because you won’t be making a healthy choice.


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