How to Eat Healthy When Away From Home For A Day

The key is to be in control of what you eat and the only way to be in control is to be organised. If you take on the responsibility of what you eat and plan ahead you are less likely to cheat on junk food or other foods you are trying to eliminate from your daily diet.

Tip 1 Make sure you take enough bottled water with you.

Tip 2 Try to stick to the same kinds of foods you would eat in a typical day.

Tip 3 Know beforehand how many meals you will need to prepare for.

Tip 4 For carbohydrates choose vegetables you can eat raw (just think salad).

Tip 5 For protein foods you could include cold cuts of meat, hard-boiled eggs, nuts and seeds.

Tip 6 Simplify things! Just take one big bowl of salad and meats and graze on that all day. Or graze on a bowl of chopped fruits and a mixture of nuts and seeds.

Tip 7 If preparing meals seems like too much hard work choose healthy foods that take no preparation time e.g. natural yoghurt, whey protein, fruit, nuts and seeds, almond nut butter, pate and rice cakes.

Tip 8 Don’t forget your cool bag!


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