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What’s Your Reason?

Over the years I’ve listened to many reasons why people want to change their body shapes and watched some of the same people make excuses why they can’t fulfill their goal. What makes people’s intentions decline over a short period … Continue reading

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Obstacles are just things you see when you lose sight of your goals.

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Psychological Barriers

I’ve seen many reasons why people never get results in the gym and with dieting. The root of the problem is nearly always psychological. This is normally justified by having some sort of excuse. The good news is this can … Continue reading

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Who Are You Going To Blame?

I don’t like the way the word willpower gets used in diet and fitness. I think this word has been used as an easy exit strategy and excuse for some people. After all we associate willpower with effort, sweat and … Continue reading

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Where To Find Your Incentive

If 2011 is the time you would like to get in shape than answer the following questions.

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