Who Are You Going To Blame?

I don’t like the way the word willpower gets used in diet and fitness. I think this word has been used as an easy exit strategy and excuse for some people. After all we associate willpower with effort, sweat and sacrifice. We all have willpower; if you get out of bed on a morning and go to work you have willpower.

Choices on the other hand are easier if you ask me. No one talks about choices. It doesn’t take any more effort to eat something healthy as it does something unhealthy.

No one is responsible for the way you look but yourself. This is a good thing looking at the general population and the lack of role models in society. Do you want to take advice from your politician, doctor, teacher or boss? Are these people specimens of good health and look like they could give you good advice?

It is up to you to look after yourself and take action. Spend some effort to seek out the best advice and apply it so you can look and feel your best.


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