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Do The Hard Work Before The Gym To Achieve Results The Easy Way

A six-pack starts in the kitchen, if you are going to eat the right diet to help you achieve your six-pack you will need to get organised and plan your shopping trips. After all, if you don’t buy it you … Continue reading

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What Did You Have For Breakfast This Morning?

Breakfast is important, you’ve heard it a thousand times all of your life but few people make the changes necessary to impact the rest of their day. Your choice of breakfast foods, or your choice to not eat breakfast at … Continue reading

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A Beginners Guide To Sticking To A Healthy Diet

You can only eat the foods you buy, on one forces you to eat a certain way so you are the only one to blame if your diet isn’t working. You can make excuses and continue eating the same diet … Continue reading

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New Diet Book Available On Kindle Store

Photo Diet is an incredible new approach to dieting for you and your smartphone. Photo Diet is not an ordinary “one-size-fits-all” diet. It’s tailor made for you. You follow a simple plan that shows you how to get the results … Continue reading

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New Book Coming Soon

My brand new diet guide should be available on the Kindle Store this time next week. Who is this Book for and How Can it Help? This book is for anyone who wants to achieve the greatest impact with their … Continue reading

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What is The Best AB Exercise To Get A Six Pack?

Answer = No AB Exercise! No amount of crunches will help you get a flat stomach if you don’t eat the right foods. What about other exercises? Long boring cardio workouts often result in little progress and disappointment. You can’t … Continue reading

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It isn’t necessary to eat up to 6 small meals a day to speed up the metabolism or to keep cravings under control. Some people do better than others at snacking in-between their meals. Daily energy expenditure and the combination … Continue reading

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Are You Suffering Fat Accumulation?

Are you gaining fat despite the fact you are exercising regularly and eating what is considered a good diet? This can happen when a large percentage of the diet is made up of foods that cost more in nutritional value … Continue reading

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Q: I Work Full-Time. How Do I Eat Healthy?

Answer: It can seem overwhelming at first to change eating habits. Most people have success by taking small steps. However, nothing will ever work unless there is a plan in place. You need to remember that it doesn’t take any … Continue reading

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How I Helped a Professional Footballer Lose a Third of His Body Fat in Just Four Weeks Without Dieting

When I first met Kevin one of the first things he told me was how ultra professional he had always been throughout his career with the way he looked after himself. Alcohol was limited to a glass of wine with … Continue reading

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