Q: I Work Full-Time. How Do I Eat Healthy?

It can seem overwhelming at first to change eating habits. Most people have success by taking small steps. However, nothing will ever work unless there is a plan in place. You need to remember that it doesn’t take any more time to eat a healthy meal than it does an unhealthy one. In addition you can buy healthy foods from the same shop that sells the unhealthy options. It all comes down to choices.

Commit at least 10 minutes every week planning your shopping list and meals for the upcoming week. It doesn’t matter how bland it is at the beginning. All that matters is that you eat healthy meals regularly and that you never go short of the right kind of foods. This should include mostly foods in their natural state. Stay clear of processed foods.

The quicker you do this the quicker you will see results. You’ll find that natural food choices will give you more energy throughout the rest of the day.


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2 Responses to Q: I Work Full-Time. How Do I Eat Healthy?

  1. hotshot cop says:

    Properly put – from an excellent blogger

  2. Viki says:

    From San Diego, thanks!

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