What Did You Have For Breakfast This Morning?

Breakfast is important, you’ve heard it a thousand times all of your life but few people make the changes necessary to impact the rest of their day.

Your choice of breakfast foods, or your choice to not eat breakfast at all, sets up the day for dietary success or failure. You need significant protein at every mealtime. A large proportion of your daily intake of protein should come at breakfast.

Instead many of the poorest food choices are “breakfast foods” high in refined carbohydrates and devoid of nutrients such as sugar-laden cereals, wheat based products and fruit juices. If this sounds like your eating habits you are starving yourself of the necessary protein your body needs. This sets you up for a late morning crash and leads to a vicious circle of consuming stimulant rich beverages and snacks.

You can start tomorrow and focus on getting the right fuel at breakfast time. You need to include protein from natural sources in the best possible quality you can find, and don’t forget to include fiber.


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