How To Take Your Training To The Next Level

PT GYMThere are some really important ways to improve the way you invest your time with exercise. The first is the way that you do it. Different types of workouts can produce different kinds of results so it is essential to be clear on what you want to achieve and learn which workouts will give you the best return.

Some exercises don’t suit everybody. It’s common for some people to skip to advanced exercises before mastering the basics. You can end up with injuries if you do. It takes time for the body to build strength and stability and to be able to cope with demanding and technical movements. There are no short cuts. Exercise technique is paramount and so is the tempo of each repetition and equally as important is the overall volume if you want the best results. Not forgetting about the frequency of workouts and choosing the right timeframe to cycle reps, tempo, exercises and volume.

This is a snippet of what you need to practice if you want the best from your training. If you’ve been doing the same kinds of workouts for a long period of time chances are results have stopped and its time to implement the above.

I design goal-orientated workouts for different levels of experience. I can take you through the workouts in my fully equipped private gym where there are no distractions or hold ups from other gym users. It’s a great advantage being able to train without sharing equipment with other members or having your workout interrupted in any way, the intensity is magnified and the results are quicker. The frequency of using my services are flexible and if you want to know more please get in touch using the contact page on my website at



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