Is Your Diet & Exercise Routine A Fashion Statement?

diet and exercise that works

Are you the type of person that’s on a type of diet because it’s what everyone else is doing right now? Does your exercise consist of doing what’s considered the most popular and talked about?

Is your diet and exercise routine perfect?

Is your diet and exercise routine for everyone?

Following what everyone else is doing is like saying it’s going to make you that type of person. It’s no different from saying, “I’m the type of person that wears this type of clothing because it makes me that type of person.”

But what this shows us is that we make enthusiastic choices based on what it says about who we think we are.

Why is this important?  It’s important because it can tell us if these diets and exercise routines work for us. There’s a massive opportunity available if we choose to pay attention to ourselves rather than focusing externally. We can gain valuable insight into what works best for our body simply by observing the responses we get and being honest about it.

A diet that says you are healthy and an exercise programme that works for everybody else should never retain significance if it isn’t working for you!


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