How To Use Positive Thinking For The Gym

#1 Set Goals
Setting goals allows you to see changes and progress with your exercise routine. Make some short, medium and long-term targets.

#2 Rotate Your Workouts
Rather than do the same workouts every month, cycle different types of workouts. For example, change rest times, reps, exercises, and workout structures and include some challenges to keep you from becoming bored with exercise.

#3 Make Exercise Part of Your Life
Don’t give yourself time to think about exercise, over-thinking saps motivation. If you scheduled exercise for 5.30pm and find yourself thinking about it during the day, make yourself think about something else. When 5.30pm comes, just do it.

#4 Keep Workout Time Short
A long workout can be a daunting prospect and thoughts like “I’ve only been going 10 minutes – that’s one tenth of my session” can work against you. Opt for higher intensity and shorter workouts for best results and for maintaining maximum focus.

#5 Develop A Healthy Habit
The classic exercise regime dropout is after a week or so. Work hard at getting through 10 sessions and you will start to build neurological pathways that exercise feels normal.


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