Where Do You Want To Be 6 Months From Now?

What if I told you that, six months from now, your body will be in the exact same condition it’s in today?

How would that make you feel?

As you’re here reading my blog I’d guess that’s not what you want.

Chances are you’re working on improving the condition of your body through exercise – or at least thinking about it.

Maybe you want to fit into your favourite clothes again, or look good on the beach, or just to be able to run for a bus… Whatever it is for you, you probably have a good idea of what it is you want to see as a result of improving your fitness.

If you want to see and feel those results you’ve got do more than thinking or planning or dreaming about it, you’ve got to take action. Not just once but consistently over a long period of time.

If six months from today you haven’t got fitter, that will be because for whatever reason you didn’t do what you needed to do to get the results you wanted.

It’s that simple.

A progressive, well-planned fitness programme is essential for optimal results – I tailor exercise programmes for different people, there are different ways to get started and you can read about them on my website www.proactivestudio.co.uk


About Barnsley Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer - Private Gym – Barnsley - Dedicated to Natural Health and Fitness. Providing the environment conductive to the change you've already decided to make.
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