Losing Weight Starts in The Kitchen

Are you finding it difficult to lose weight and stick to a healthy eating plan? Do you find yourself ordering takeaways every evening or popping something quick in the microwave or oven?

Part of the problem with sticking to a healthy diet is the convenience and the thought of having to be a slave in the kitchen. A few simple steps are all it takes to get organised and to make food preparation less of a chore.

The first step is to make sure everything is tidy and has a place in your kitchen. This will make your life easier and save time. To start with just prepare meals that are easy for YOU and don’t interfere with your life too much. Choose natural ingredients and keep cooking methods simple. For example you could grill fish and fry chopped vegetables.

To save time you could cook big meals and freeze leftovers to be used for a weeknight after work. Hanging a shopping list on your kitchen wall and filling it in as you use up your supplies will remind you what you need to buy when you go shopping. This can also save you money by preventing you from compulsive buying.

The important message is to get into the habit of making your own meals and not rely on processed meals and fast food. It is the only way to know what you are truly eating and be in control of the quality of the food you eat.


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