Is There An Easier Way To Reduce Body Fat & Lose Weight?

Is your exercise philosophy all about MORE IS BETTER? Do you train until you can’t physically do any more and feel like you must squeeze every ounce of energy that’s left in you before you can stop? Or don’t you leave the gym until you have exceeded a lengthy duration of time or reached a magic number?

Is your diet philosophy all about LESS IS MORE? Do you cut calories in the hope of achieving results or do you relentlessly follow the latest dieting trends?

If you fall into the above categories chances are you are frustrated because you haven’t got the results you deserve. You see, there are two main factors that determine your results – these are related to diet and stress. If there are problems with your diet it will washout what you are doing in the gym. If you are continuously stressed in any way of form it will prevent you from losing weight and body fat, you will also find it impossible to put on calorie burning lean muscle.

Certain foods and eating habits can increase fat storing hormones. Most people go about their daily lives with increased stress hormones. You don’t need to be emotionally stressed to be in a stressed state, lacking adequate sleep or doing too much exercise can also keep these fat storing hormones sky-high and prevent you from achieving results with your diet and exercise regime.

Until you get your insulin and stress levels under control and manage your lifestyle better you will never get the results you want. There are other factors that differ from individual to individual but these are the biggies. The good news is you can use practical methods to tweak your diet and non-invasive strategies to reduce stress. And they are FREE!

So YES, there is an EASIER WAY to REDUCE BODY FAT and LOSE WEIGHT. You can start by following an exercise programme that is tailored to what your lifestyle can handle. For a lot of people who find it difficult to get results this normally means spending a lot less time in the gym and spending more time doing the things that aren’t as strenuous. Probably the opposite of what most people think they need to achieve their body goals.

Then comes the diet and lifestyle check. I give my clients Nutrition and Lifestyle questionnaires to uncover where they are going wrong so I can design the right protocol for their goal.

If you are interested in a Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment please contact me for more info.


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