Don’t Underestimate the Benefits of a Properly Designed Exercise Programme

gym exercises for sports
Do you play a lot of sports or always do the same kind of repetitive exercise every time you do any? If you do, chances are you may have developed a muscle imbalance and have areas of your body that feel tight when you stretch. This isn’t good news as it can lead to injuries and pain.

I’m currently involved in rehabilitating a footballer from a knee injury and designing protocols to bring his body back into balance after years of putting his body through the same regime. Years of doing the same repetitive movements leads to some areas of the body becoming very strong and the rest staying where it is. When the gap is wide enough the risk of an injury increases. Muscular imbalances change the posture of an individual and forces the body to compensate during movement leading to wear and tear.

In less than two weeks my client feels stronger and more flexible than he ever has. The need for surgery has now completely diminished. All this by just doing carefully selected exercises and stretches.


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