Are You Looking for Some Key Diet Advice – Set Out Clearly?

I’m almost as bad at reading dieting books as I am at dieting itself.

Dieting books often contain masses of nutritional theory, information on the psychology of dieting, the importance of exercise and so on, with several hundred pages to wade through before you can even start to think about changing the way you eat.
Not this book. It is a succinct, straightforward guide that you can put into practice pretty much straight away.

There is, of course, some key nutritional information, but it is set out clearly, mainly as a list of foods you should or shouldn’t be eating, which is easy to come back and consult any time.

The rest of the book is set out to step-by-step, with some useful tips on portion sizes, how to use your smartphone to keep a diet diary, and the idea of taking photos of each meal together with notes on how much you enjoyed the meal, how hungry you felt a few hours later etc., so that you can keep track and adapt your diet as you go along.

The whole concept is highly practical and, contrary to many diets, easy to implement even if you have a very busy lifestyle. If you’re anything like me you are always playing with your phone, so why not use it keep track of what you eat and how much you weigh too?

I’ve already been following the 5:2 diet for a couple of months, and using apps such as Runkeeper, so this approach will really fit in with what I’m already doing. I’ll definitely be taking on a few of Anthony Chapman’s tips and hopefully lose a few extra kilos!
All in all, this is a clear, concise diet guide and a good, informative read.



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