Balance – Balance – Balance!

The Internet, TV and magazines are rife with ways to lose weight and get fit. Then the question has to be asked: Why is the UK becoming one of the most obese countries in the world?

We live in a very fast living world where we are conditioned to believe more is better and practicing extreme measures is the only way to get results. This kind of living will eventually catch up with you and pay you back with fatigue and the breakdown of your immune system.

The widespread media fails to recognise that exercise is a stress and adequate rest and recovery is needed in order to bounce back and progress.

Are you obsessed with exercising all the time? If you keep upping the ante until you can’t do more and fail to get proper recovery your immune system will take a battering and stay compromised opening the door to all kinds of problems. When we rest properly our growth and digestion is optimal.

Your body never lies, start paying attention to what it says and adjust your exercise intensity and volume accordingly. Train – don’t drain! Don’t feel guilty relaxing and taking a day off from everything. If you aren’t making steady progress in the gym you are probably not practicing a balanced lifestyle.


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