Are Your Gym Workouts Failing You?

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The activity of lifting weights burns calories in itself, not to mention what happens after. The more lean muscle you carry, the more calories you’ll burn – even at rest. So if you want to be burning calories 24/7, get lifting!

Muscle is active tissue – it requires energy and calories to sustain it. Fat, on the other hand simply hangs on you. Just remember – cardio exercise can burn fat effectively if done in a certain way, BUT it doesn’t have the large-scale benefits resistance work has.

Women who are worried about looking masculine if they lift weights shouldn’t be worried because THE TRUTH IS lifting weights burns fat. You will only increase muscle size like a bodybuilder if you dedicate yourself to that particular goal.

Your training programme should support whatever goal you might have for your body and your fitness. A properly designed exercise programme is the only way to get the physique you want or you risk developing a disproportionate physique and the failure to be able to lose body fat.


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