How Quick Can Someone Lose A Lot of Weight?

Did you know losing as little as 5% of body weight can improve blood pressure, cholesterol levels, fasting blood sugar, and blood triglycerides?

Being overweight increases the risk for many chronic diseases, and losing small amounts of weight can improve your health and slowly help you reach a healthier target weight. Eating a natural diet will revert your body to its ideal weight.

How much and how quick?
Some people lose weight quicker than others. It isn’t impossible to lose over 2 stone in a month depending on how much over weight you are to start with.

Lifestyle factors and they way you balance your food groups at each meal also play a part in the speed of weight loss.

Don’t fall for conventional wisdom of accepting that 2-pound a week is something that should be aimed for. This advice is reserved for people who practice unhealthy methods to get the weight off at any expense. It has been adopted by the diet industry in recent times to prevent damaging recurring revenue streams. Don’t limit yourself, eat a healthy, natural and balanced diet and your body will drop weight at its own natural pace. Consider this, if you eat a healthy diet and drop loads of weight quickly – how can it be bad for you?


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