Energy Drinks – Good or Bad?

The promises of popping open a can and drinking instant energy sounds appealing. Unfortunately it’s too good to be true.

These drinks are being sold everywhere. Different flavours, different sizes, ones claiming to be healthy and natural, other claiming to give you sustained energy.

Energy drinks normally have high levels of caffeine (many have 2 to 5 times more caffeine than a cup of coffee) and can lead to an upset stomach and dehydration, during exercise that’s the last thing you want. These drinks are high in sugar, which is no good for your waistline. The calorie free versions (full of artificial sweeteners) are deceitful – how can something with no calories give you energy?

It’s not normal for us to be sluggish or constantly tired. A lethargic state is something that many of us have brought on ourselves, and it is due to a combination of lifestyle choices.

• Poor diet
• Low food quality
• Stressful lifestyle
• Lack of sleep
• Lack of exercise

If you are in need of more energy begin to take the necessary steps to change any of the above points that you may be replicating in your life. If you find it challenging or simply think changing any of the above areas of your life is unimaginable then get in touch and I’ll be happy to assist.


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