How To Change The Way You Look At Exercise

Our perceived lack of time dominates the reason why we put off exercising regularly. Below are a few ways to fit in exercise around a busy week.

Turn your commute into a workout
Set your alarm early
Do a lunch break workout
Do a workout at work
Take the kids with you
Workout at home whilst watching the TV
Use the stairs

When you do have time for exercise DON’T spend more time than necessary and aim for total burnout – especially if you feel like you need to make up for missed sessions. You should be able to warm up, stretch and do a full body workout within an hour. Any longer and it will probably be counterproductive.

It is important to realise that the frequency or duration of training sessions doesn’t guarantee positive outcomes. The workout quality is a much more accurate way to determine the speed of progress. If the design and intensity of your workout doesn’t match your body or your goal it is probably safe to say that you will never see the results you want.

The take-home message is that you DON’T need to spend hours and hours in the gym each week to gain results. And it doesn’t matter if you miss workouts from time to time due to time constraints. The main factor is to exercise properly when you do have time and to make the best of what time you do have.


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