7 Reasons Why Low Calorie Diets Don’t Work

1. You don’t learn anything from dieting. All you learn is how to imprison yourself for months and even years. Nutrition is a lifestyle that needs to be taught so it can be applied for a lifetime!

2. You increase the number of fat storing enzymes each time you diet.

3. You decrease the number of fat burning enzymes each time you diet and create an increase in the size of fat cells.

4. You decrease lean body mass and basal metabolic rate. Each diet makes it harder to restore normal basal metabolic rate.

5. You create insulin and blood sugar handling problems, which most of the time creates fat storage and hypoglycemic symptoms = cravings!

6. With dieting which is a stress, more cortisol is released. When cortisol goes up, insulin goes up to protect the body. Both of these are converted to glucose and into fat = fat storing hormones.

7. Most people decrease the amount of good fat when dieting. Fat deficiency causes fat cravings, the kinds of fat you find in junk food.


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