Why I Recommend You Give Up Coffee

I’ve been a long advocate of eliminating coffee and caffeine from the diet. Today I read one of the best articles I’ve ever read in layman’s terms about the effects of drinking coffee.

Here is a small mixture of studies on coffee. These studies did not clearly differentiate between coffee and decaf but as decaf is so popular the results would cover both (and decaf contains traces of caffeine regardless).

Coffee is associated with increased estrogen levels, which means an increase for breast and endometrial cancer.

Caffeine messes with your sleep cycle and raise blood pressure.

Caffeine blocks the action of adenosine – a brain chemical that promotes our natural sleep cycle.

Caffeine raises levels of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

Caffeine makes it harder to control glucose levels (diabetes management).

Coffee has been associated with increased risk of stroke and rheumatoid arthritis.

Coffee significantly lowers your ability to absorb iron.

Coffee significantly lowers your ability to absorb zinc.

Coffee food intolerance in the UK doubled between 2003-2007 alone. These reactions include itchy skin, depression, migraine headaches, IBS, fatigue and joint pains. 
New figures released in April 2008 in the UK by Food Intolerance Tester YorkTest claims that the number of allergic reactions to the proteins found in coffee has risen by 3.3% since 2003, from 2% previously. The testing was conducted primarily on females, who made up 83 per cent of the 50,000 people studied, looking at consumer’s reactions to 113 different food types.

Read the full article here.


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