Don’t Let Numbers Mislead You When Dieting

Over the following week I’ll be posting some testimonials about my book Photo Diet: How To Diet Using Your Smartphone.

During the summer this year I did a trial of Photo Diet to people I have never met. I did this so I could get some unbiased feedback and see if I needed to make improvements to the diet.

Kerry pictured below lost 9 pounds in 28 days. Some of you may be thinking this is a modest amount but when you compare the before and after pictures you can appreciate that numbers don’t always justify the results. Her husband on the other hand lost an incredible 15 pounds in 28 days.

IMG_1651 IMG_1652

Kerry kept commenting throughout her trial how energised she felt everyday and how healthy she looked. Kerry also couldn’t believe she could get these kind of results by not starving herself. Kerry is a self-confessed serial dieter and has never achieved these kind of results by eating proper meals. And in some instances doing the opposite to what other diets advise. All she did was apply the recommended guidelines in Photo Diet and not allow past beliefs get in her way.

Below is Kerry’s feedback to the questions I sent her after her 28 days trial.

1. What do you see going on in the diet industry?
The diet industry is full of lots of costly, unrealistic promises of quick fixes.

2. Which features and components do you like best about our product?
I like the fact that it is quick and easy.

3. What about our competitors products? Where do they fail and we succeed?
Other products fail because they are fad diets and involve time-consuming calorie counting or counting points or eating low-fat, low-calorie foods, which are full of hidden sugars. Your product is more about making changes to the food you eat; it’s a lifestyle change.

4. If you could add any feature to our product what would it be?
I would try adding a few recipe ideas perhaps for dinners.

More recipes have now been added!


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  1. Wow! 9 pounds in 28 days! That’s incredible.

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