Mad Friday Hangover Cures

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Hangovers are a sign that your body is extremely dehydrated. Staying hydrated will alleviate the headaches, dizziness, and light-headedness that result from a hangover. It is especially important to load up on fluids if you are vomiting.

✔︎ Drink plenty of water

✔︎ Drink coconut water, it’s rich in electrolytes
Most headaches secondary to alcohol consumption are caused by both dehydration and an imbalance of electrolytes.

Avoid coffee or caffeinated teas
Many people drink coffee in order to “wake up” from a hangover, but the caffeine will only make matters worse by further dehydrating you.

✔︎ Try ginger herbal tea
If you’re feeling nauseated, the ginger helps calm your stomach.

Rumour: Sweat it out with exercise
If you exercise and aren’t properly hydrated, your symptoms could worsen. The endorphin rush that typically comes along with a workout could temporarily make you feel better but the gym is not the answer for hangover cures.


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