Bored Of The Same Meals Every Week?

Here are some easy ways to add more variety to your diet. How many types of vegetables do you buy each week? If it’s five why not double it to ten? How many types of meats and fish do you eat in a typical week? If you live on chicken and tuna every week what’s stopping you trying other meats and fish?

The point I am trying to get across is if you don’t buy it you can’t eat it.

Keeping your fridge stocked up with fresh vegetables and protein foods is a priority. Forget about filling the cupboards up with processed foods that taste sweet if you want to look your best. Those kinds of foods will work against you for a whole range of reasons.

How many meals do you think you can prepare with meat or fish and vegetables as your main ingredients? Look in some cookbooks for ideas, you may be surprised how easy and quick it is to cook tasty meals with the basics.

Using a rotation system for different foods will prevent you from eating the same meals all the time.

If you are a vegetarian compile a list of a dozen protein foods you like and rotate them on a regular basis.

Don’t forget to use the freezer for meats and fish then all you have to worry about is keeping stocked up on vegetables. Once you get into this habit your diet will look after you and reaching and maintaining your ideal body shape will seem easy.


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