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Who Are You Going To Blame?

I don’t like the way the word willpower gets used in diet and fitness. I think this word has been used as an easy exit strategy and excuse for some people. After all we associate willpower with effort, sweat and … Continue reading

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Foods To Avoid If You Want A Six Pack

Anything containing sugar needs to be avoided, it is highly addictive and highly detrimental to health and fat loss goals. It is important to learn how to become a sugar detective by knowing how to read food labels

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Training for Different Sports (Part 2)

Allow me explain what three-dimensional means when it comes to exercise programmes and why it is important. There are three planes of movement our bodies can move in, forwards and backwards (sagittal plane), sideways (frontal plane) and rotational movements (transverse … Continue reading

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Training for Different Sports (Part 1)

I’ve had the experience of training different kinds of sportspeople over the years and witnessing some common flaws with the way they approach training for their chosen sport. The missing element most common in exercise programmes is

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Are You Making Excuses?

Why do people pay gym memberships or diet club memberships and continue to live a destructive lifestyle? The kinds of lifestyle that will never help anyone reach a health or aesthetic goal. Is it because deep inside it makes a … Continue reading

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How To Get A Figure Like Gwyneth Paltrow – The Practical & Realistic Way

I’ve just been reading about a popular transformation diet by a celebrity personal trainer. Unless you have time to exercise three hours a day, six days a week and stick to a strict low-calorie diet including hideous shakes forget it. … Continue reading

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How I Helped a Professional Footballer Lose a Third of His Body Fat in Just Four Weeks Without Dieting

When I first met Kevin one of the first things he told me was how ultra professional he had always been throughout his career with the way he looked after himself. Alcohol was limited to a glass of wine with … Continue reading

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How To Assess Progress

Always remember that results can happen regardless of record keeping.

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How Often Do You Get Weighed or Take Body Measurements?

To ensure you are on course to reaching your weight loss/body transformation goal you need to get into the habit of reviewing your progress every 10 days. Through personal and professional experience 10 days provides enough time to see any … Continue reading

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My Abs Workout For Oblique Muscles (Love Handles)

I won’t get time to blog tomorrow so I’ll tell you about the abs workout I did earlier. Keeping with the theme of exercises for muffin tops I talked about earlier this week I’ll explain the oblique circuits I did … Continue reading

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