How Often Do You Get Weighed or Take Body Measurements?

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To ensure you are on course to reaching your weight loss/body transformation goal you need to get into the habit of reviewing your progress every 10 days. Through personal and professional experience 10 days provides enough time to see any genuine changes. A 7-day review is too short.

Bear in mind that 2 or maybe 2 ½ days out of a 7-day review would fall over the weekend. A response from potentially 5 or less good days for those who are not fully committed is too optimistic in my eyes. Obviously results are dependant on the level of commitment and that is the driving force behind the speed of progress for any goal.

On the other hand a 10-day review will generate at least 8 good days for the less committed. I must clarify that I advocate 100% commitment and I hope everyone’s 10-day review will be based on 10 good days rather than a half-hearted attempt.


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