My Abs Workout For Oblique Muscles (Love Handles)

Anthony Chapman personal trainer
I won’t get time to blog tomorrow so I’ll tell you about the abs workout I did earlier. Keeping with the theme of exercises for muffin tops I talked about earlier this week I’ll explain the oblique circuits I did within the workout.

I decided to do 3 exercises for the oblique muscles back to back in a circuit fashion with no rest between the exercises.

The first exercise was a Swiss ball chop using the cable machine for resistance. A dumbbell can also be used or depending on your level of strength just your bodyweight may be enough. For this exercise I did them to one side rather than alternating sides. So for example if I rotated (chopped) to the left as I crunched my body I would be working the right side. For the other 2 exercises that followed I also targeted the right hand side so I was working the right hand side first before repeating the circuit to target the left oblique muscles.

The second exercise was a side flexion on the Swiss ball holding a weight plate at chest level for resistance. To work the right oblique on this exercise the right side of the body needs to be doing the bending. In other words the left hip on the ball and right ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and ear lined up in a straight line for good alignment. If you were not used to these it would be wise to use a mirror for technique. Also using just your own bodyweight will be enough to get a good response.

The third exercise I did on the circuit was a Russian twist lying on my back with straight legs. You need good flexibility in your lower back for this exercise. You can also do it with your legs bent at 90 degrees. To target the right hand side the starting position for the legs need to be to the left hand side of the body on the floor. Bring the legs up to the midline of the body and then back to the floor before repeating.

The rep range I used for all 3 exercises were between 10 and 12. I completed 2 rounds for each side and my sides felt like concrete afterwards.

Remember when training oblique muscles to always do both sides.


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