The Best Tips & Exercises to Lose Muffin Tops

Muffin tops is a slang word to describe the overhanging flesh over waistbands. The biggest part to losing the muffin top look and reducing the size of your love handles is the diet. If you make the right changes to your diet it will speed up fat loss and shrink the muffin top quicker than any stand-alone exercise.

With exercise in mind, in order to drop body fat and change the shape of your midsection the best type of exercises are those that involve using as many muscles as possible per movement. If you are unfamiliar with exercises there are different types of exercises. Some exercises work just one muscle group at once (isolation exercises) and others work multiple muscle groups. If you are moving just one joint in an exercise it is most likely going to be an isolation exercise and therefore have a lower impact in raising the metabolism.

You may be wondering why working as many muscle groups at once helps reduce body fat from your waist. The more muscle groups involved in an exercise the greater the calorie demand. This has a knock on effect to speeding up your metabolism. That means after you have finished your exercises you will be burning more calories at rest.

Once you begin to reduce fat from around the waist there are some abdominal exercises that work better than others for toning the sides of the waist. These exercise involve you bending sideways. The muscles beneath the love handles are responsible for bending the body sideways. With this information in mind it is important to note that the popular abdominal exercises where you crunch your body forwards and back again will do very little to tone the muscles on the side of your waist.

Side bends can be done lying sideways on a Swiss ball or standing holding a dumbbell. Correct technique is paramount for safety and speedy results.


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