Alaskan Salmon

Been thinking lately about a documentary I watched a while back about Alaskan Salmon and the journey they make during their lifetime. They swim from the streams of Alaska to the Pacific Ocean and back. Back to the exact place they were born. Over six million years of evolution have created a fish that can find its way back from the vastness of the Pacific Ocean to the place it was born so it can spawn.

They have to return to the waters they were born so their eggs can survive and their species can carry on the cycle of life. What makes this story more impressive is the journey the Salmon needs to take to get to the spawning ground. They have to swim up rugged rivers with miles of rapids and even waterfalls to leap. The problems doesn’t end there, natural predators are waiting to eat the salmon along the way. Even the predators have gone through their own period of evolution to develop successful hunting methods so they can eat and stay alive.

You may be thinking what has this got to do with personal training or reaching health and fitness goals. The reason I am telling you this is because we are all on our own journey of evolution. If you are trying to accomplish personal goals or thinking about it you have to accept that you may have to try different approaches before you get to where you want.

Look at the evolution of the Salmon and think about the different approaches they must have tried and failed at before they could reach their spawning ground. I think we can learn a great deal about ourselves when observing the evolution of the Salmon.


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