Do You Want A Flat Stomach & Perfect Abs?

Doing abdominal exercises isn’t the quickest way to get a six-pack!
If you’re on a mission to get perfect abs you will need to start following some key guidelines. This doesn’t include spending money on the latest gadgets for training abs or using so-called fat burning supplements or miracle foods.

The quick fix solutions for a flat stomach and abs to be proud of begin with analysing your own lifestyle habits for clues.

Believe it or not doing abdominal exercises isn’t the quickest way to get a six-pack. As you read on you will discover it isn’t as straightforward as tiring yourself out doing tons of crunches. Most people can transform a flabby tummy into a set of toned abs as long as they follow certain principles.

The first step is to look at your lifestyle. If you wake tired and need to drink coffee all day then the first thing you need is to go to bed earlier. A good nights sleep is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health, it is often overlooked for achieving optimal physical condition and may be the missing link in getting the abs you desire.

It is a necessity rather than an option to have a good night sleep; we release certain hormones for physical repair between 10pm and 2am and specific hormones for psychological repair between 2am and 6am. If you fail to refill your energy account every night with undisturbed sleep you greatly enhance the aging process and reduce your chances of being able to lose body fat. You can’t outwit your hormonal system and expect to get great results. It is easier to work with your body then try to work against it.

Drinking adequate amounts of water ranks in number one position for nutritional importance for fat loss and perfect abs. Drink mineral water everyday. Drinking water in-between meals and at room temperature is the best way. I will do a more in-depth post at a later date of the importance of water and why we need it for health and fat loss.

The next step then is to stop eating processed foods. The next time you pick up food in a packet look at the ingredients and see if you can pronounce the ingredients. If you can’t don’t let it inside your body. Processed foods contain artificial ingredients and additives that can make you toxic and give your digestive system a hard time. The last thing you need if you want low body fat levels.

Other foods to eliminate for perfect abs is sugar, wheat, alcohol and all caffeine. Once your diet if free from these kinds of foods you can then worry about exercise selection for your abs.

The best exercises to get perfect abs are the ones that enable you to progress with levels of difficulty with either your bodyweight as resistance or resistance from some kind of exercise equipment.

It is best to concentrate on only a few abdominal exercises in each training session. Don’t make the mistake of spreading yourself out too thinly by doing too many exercises and only putting in half the effort.

If you do a search on my blog you can find out more information about the foods I recommend you eliminate from your diet and different ways to train your abs.


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