Why Fad Diets Only Work For A Short Time

Anyone wanting to lose excess body weight & fat can get initial results on almost any fad diet. Whenever an overweight person changes their diet for a calorie-restricted diet they are restricting the types of calories that are making them fat in the first place. This is the main reason for any change in body composition from dieting. But the responses from fad diets are short-lived because they fail to recognise the importance of combining the right food groups at each mealtime. Eating protein with carbohydrates helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and prevents the fat storing mechanism from kicking in. The ratios and quality of these foods are just as important.

Note that I didn’t mention anything to do with the number of calories or counting anything. The main reason for this is if you are failing to combine the right carbohydrates and proteins every time you eat then the amount of calories however moderate they may be won’t be enough to help you.

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