WeightWatchers ‘Three Times Better Than A GP’s Advice’

WeightWatchers is up to three times more effective than simply taking diet advice, claim researchers.

The study was funded by WeightWatchers. No surprise there then!
Weight loss clubs are guilty of perpetuating yoyo dieting (through ignorance or financial incentives). If this wasn’t the case the success rate would be greater and longer lasting. If financial gain wasn’t their motive why promote the use of their own branded processed foods that are inferior to natural food choices.

Why it is very rare to get permanent results from mainstream diets
A reason why a typical diet can only work for a short time is because whenever an overweight person changes their diet for a calorie restricted diet they are only restricting the type of calories that are making them fat in the first place. The reduction of what is actually going in is the main reason for any change in body composition from such diets. The responses are typically short-lived because they fail to eliminate the root cause of the weight gain i.e. bad calories, quality, portion sizes and ratios between food groups. Therefore weight gain returns as soon as the restrictions stop.

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