A Beginners Guide To Weight Loss

Drink More Water
If there were ever an overlooked solution to weight loss it would be water. The benefits of drinking water are never-ending. Drinking enough water everyday brings the body back to optimum hydration and should be the first thing to consider when faced with everyday symptoms like headaches, heartburn, back pain and sugar cravings.

Hunger is often mistaken for dehydration so by keeping fully hydrated it can help you lose weight simply by improving your ability to really understand when you are really hungry.

Many nutritional experts agree that we should drink around one litre of fresh clean water for every 50lb of bodyweight. If you aren’t drinking anywhere near this amount, then slowly increase your water intake over the next few weeks until you find it comfortable drinking more.

Generally speaking between two and three litres each day can work best for most people, although this can increase depending on the level of daily energy expenditure.


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