Advice For Beginners: How To Stick With Going To The Gym

It is easy to get disheartened when we don’t get what we want with exercise. Many people quit going to the gym in February and March because they haven’t seen any results. This is common with people who exercise on a whim without any clear direction or plan. The people who get fantastic results are the one’s that follow an exercise plan and are consistent with it.

Consistency and time are the missing ingredients from the many gym quitters. Be consistent with your eating guidelines and water intake, be consistent with your exercise, be consistent with your work/life balance and you’ll get better results.

If you fail to implement consistency you are prone to hopping from one fad diet to the other and complaining you aren’t getting value for money from your gym membership. Besides, consistently losing two pounds per week or even one pound per week adds up to a lot of weight loss over the course of the year.


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