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Using A Personal Trainer: An Introduction

What is a Personal Trainer? An individual who has been specifically certified and is qualified to be a coach to other people who desire to achieve a higher level of fitness. A Personal Trainer is very knowledgeable about how to … Continue reading

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Advice For Beginners: How To Stick With Going To The Gym

It is easy to get disheartened when we don’t get what we want with exercise. Many people quit going to the gym in February and March because they haven’t seen any results. This is common with people who exercise on … Continue reading

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There’s an old saying that patience is the greatest of all virtues. This is lost in today’s quick fix culture. You can always tell when people cut corners in any area of life. I tell people all the time that … Continue reading

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Are You Conning Yourself?

My motto is this, if you are following eating guidelines and they aren’t working you are either being conned or you are conning yourself.

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