How To Train Harder At The Gym

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You may think you’re training hard enough, but are you really pushing yourself? If you’re lifting weights you can do dozens of repetitions with and without any sign of breathlessness, you’re not training hard enough.

It’s no good doing loads of repetitions if you want to stimulate your muscles and tone up, doing more doesn’t mean better results when it comes to changing your body shape.

Your goal throughout your workout should be progression. Your workout should never be easy if you want outstanding results. If you want to stay the same, keep doing the same workout over and over.

A good rule to follow in between sets is to rest only long enough to catch your breath, which will give your body the ability to cancel the oxygen deficit that builds up during each set. Once you have caught your breath, it’s time to go on.

Your goal should be to get into the gym, get the job done and get out. Do not mistake training hard with training for a long time.

It’s not the amount of time you spend in the gym that counts, it’s the quantity and quality of the work you put in. Keep the intensity high and the results will follow.


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