Do You Crave Validation After Exercise? – Are You Getting Nowhere At The Gym?

If you concentrate on giving 100% during each and every workout you won’t need to worry about aching the next day. Most people use post workout muscle soreness as the standard in exercise excellence. This can be a misleading and dangerous approach to exercise that often leads to over-training and sometimes injury.

Progression will always yield results when following a properly designed exercise programme. BUT there are different factors that can dictate whether or not you will ache from exercise, some positive and some negative.

The wrong person that uses the “no pain – no gain” approach will find it very difficult to achieve results. No fancy workout or diet will help if you break down your health by adding more stress. A lot of people don’t see exercise as a stress and just think of stress as work and/or financial and/or relationship stress. This isn’t the case.

I use five different questionnaires to assess different stresses for the body. A high score in any one of them can determine a person’s readiness to exercise and confirm the right level of intensity that they should use.

A holistic approach to diet and lifestyle can quickly reduce different bodily stresses and get you ready to get the most from your workouts. Then the fun part begins – you’ll be able to experience the effectiveness of exercising smarter rather than longer to get to where you want to be.

Are you are struggling to make a difference from all of your invested time in the gym?

Are you wondering why you are always tired?

Please get in touch to find out how I could help you. Sometimes I can help people more by giving them programmes they can do at home by themselves then I can by training them one-on-one in my gym.


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