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Do You Crave Validation After Exercise? – Are You Getting Nowhere At The Gym?

If you concentrate on giving 100% during each and every workout you won’t need to worry about aching the next day. Most people use post workout muscle soreness as the standard in exercise excellence. This can be a misleading and … Continue reading

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Cancer? More Exercise, Not Less, May Be Best

By David Haas Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Being diagnosed with cancer of any form, whether it is a common form of cancer like breast cancer or a rare disease like mesothelioma, automatically increases your stress level a thousand fold. Unfortunately, there … Continue reading


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Get A Better Posture in 3 Minutes

Examples that can lead to a poor posture: Lack of exercise Being overweight or obese Sedentary lifestyle Stress Bad work practises Picking up objects with a round back Driving long distances Performing exercises using the wrong technique Improving the strength … Continue reading

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