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What Kind Of Transformation Do You Need?

Fat Loss Fat Loss transformation programmes are suited to the individual who struggles with their weight, and the weight-loss resistant – who simply cannot seem to lose body fat, regardless of what they do. Usually, in these cases, there is … Continue reading

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Get A Better Posture in 3 Minutes

Examples that can lead to a poor posture: Lack of exercise Being overweight or obese Sedentary lifestyle Stress Bad work practises Picking up objects with a round back Driving long distances Performing exercises using the wrong technique Improving the strength … Continue reading


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Orange Juice (and All Fruit Juice)

Did you know that fruit juice has about eight full teaspoons of sugar per eight-ounce glass? This sugar is called fructose and for dieters is just as bad as table sugar. Both sugars cause an increase in insulin levels. Even … Continue reading

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