How to Start Your Own Weight Loss Club with Cash Prize Incentives

Weight loss clubs can be intrusive for a lot of people or just plain boring. Below are two examples on how to start your own weight loss club; one is for discreet dieters and the other for more outgoing people.

Option #1If You Don’t Like Weight Loss Clubs Find A Support Partner
If you don’t want strangers to know you are on a diet then it is wise not to join a slimming club. It is also a good idea not to surround yourself with negative people that offer no support to you or your goals whether if it’s at work or socially.

The most practical way to help you to commit to a diet is to go on a diet with a friend so you can give each other support. But if you can’t find anyone who wants to join you I would recommend seeking a support partner in either your closest friend or partner. The support can be set at different levels depending on how much you require. For example, you could write down goals to give to your support partner for them to monitor your progress and make sure you achieve your goals. You could make it as formal as you like by arranging days and times to meet and review your food diary and plan the days or weeks ahead. This would make your diet serious but fun by making it feel like you have your own personal coach at hand to motivate you and help you with any problems you may be facing. Your support partner could also provide you with meal ideas and even take your body measurements to track your progress.

Option #2Your Very Own Weight Loss Club With Cash Prize Incentives
Here is a great way to make losing weight fun and competitive. The more people that join the more fun you will have. I will take you through each step on how to set up a biggest loser club and contest.

1. Set a membership fee of how much each member pays each week. This is for the prize money awarded to the biggest loser at the end of the contest.

2. Set the time frame.
Tip: This could be a yearly contest with the big cash prize at the end of the year. The winner is the person who has lost the most body weight and cm/millimetres from the hips, bum, waist, chest, thighs and arms. However you could also have a monthly prize for the biggest loser of the month. The club treasurer could buy grocery vouchers for each monthly prize to help the dieter stay on track rather than award cash.

3. Everyone gets a support partner.
Tip: Put everyone’s name in a hat for each person to pick out a name, whoever’s name they draw out is their support partner throughout the contest.

4. The role of a support partner is to motivate the other person and take measurements. Before and after photographs are optional, these could come in useful later on.

5. Have a recipe pool where everyone has to contribute at least one healthy recipe a month so others can benefit.
Tip: If you are doing this at work this could be on the notice board.

6. Arrange group meetings at least once a month.
Tip: You could arrange for a personal trainer or nutritionist to visit for a Q&A session.

7. When the contest closing date is in sight invite the local press to cover the story and publish a photograph of the winner.
Tip: This is where a before photograph comes in handy. Having the story in the press will give your workplace free publicity and the winner public recognition.

Don’t forget the more people that join your biggest loser contest the more prize money up for grabs.


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