Better Alternatives to Weighing Yourself

Whenever I see an advert promising extreme weight loss in a short amount of time it makes me cringe at the thought of someone stepping on the scales each day and expecting weight to quickly drop off.

It is possible to transform your body shape without ever stepping on the scales. Regular weigh-ins doesn’t suit certain personalities. It takes a strong-willed person to get weighed everyday and not let it faze them in any way shape or form. Everybody’s weight can fluctuate from day-to-day and from morning to-night causing a negative impact on the person’s mind who regularly gets weighed and follows a diet.

The kind of people who have a history of daily weigh-ins and an addiction for wanting the pounds to drop off at all costs needs to stay the hell away from weighing scales. I would strongly recommend throwing them away for your own good.

Getting weighed everyday is not beneficial at all. If you do get weighed everyday, taking an average over a ten-day period is the most reliable way to do it. But this is only applicable if the variables are consistent.

So what is a better alternative? If you have the personality type that steers towards obsessive and living by numbers then you have to be completely honest with yourself, do you want numbers or do you want to look better?

The absolute best way to measure progress is to measure different parts of the body. Always take the measurements over the largest part of the body to keep the readings consistent. If you can’t be bothered to go through the motions of measuring different body parts every week or so then my next best recommendation would be to use the mirror for feedback or even taking photographs to track changes in your body shape.

Another way, which is the easiest and most unavoidable way to track whether or not you are losing weight, is to use the fitting of your clothes. Don’t forget to stay away from routine weigh-ins if you fall into the obsession category. That way you will be able to continue doing what you need to do to lose weight without any negativity getting in the way.


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